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Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau officially opens Saint Patrick Square on March 10th, 1979It has always been said the Irish are dreamers and one Irishman in particular had the dream of establishing a pre-retirement community for the Irish and those who wished they were.
St. Patrick Square opened on March 10th, 1979
With seed funds provided by ST. PATRICK’S SOCIETY, one of Montreal’s oldest ethnic organizations established March 17th 1834, and with the blessing and cooperation of the Federal Government, Joseph Dunne’s dream took its first steps with the ground breaking ceremony on August 24th, 1977.

St. Patrick Square became a reality when Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau officially opened the Square on March 10th 1979.


St. Patrick Square 20th Anniversary
Some may ask, "Why Celebrate"? It was time to recognize our own success and share with all the people who chose to make St. Patrick Square their home and become part of the special community which flourishes here.

Saint Patrick Square GardenGoing back to the beginning, some 22+ years ago, the concept to build a "pre-retirement" building that would be managed and operated as "not-for-profit" was initiated on the premise that individuals, on the fixed incomes, would benefit from such a plan. About the same time, other groups initiated the similar projects. To date, St-Patrick Square and only one other building have survived as originally mandated. The other groups initiated similar projects which ran into financial difficulties and were repossessed or had to be sold.

Big ideas usually take some time to organize and implement. So it does not come as a surprise that the big idea to commemorate the 20th anniversary of St. Patrick Square began a full year and a half before the actual event.

The current Board of Directors put together a varied and entertaining program that would both benefit the tenants at the Square, and would also include many of the tenants in the event of the day. Big ideas also cost big bucks. The entire event from the food, wine and flowers, to the specially designed flag, the entertainment, and the commemorative pin were all financed through a special account. The funds in this account were bequeathed by a generous donor for discretionary use by the Directors.

  • Bishop Mancini opened the ceremonies with the re-dedication and a plaque.
  • This was followed by a speech from Robert Libman, the Mayor of Cote St. Luc, raised the flag which was which was presented to him by 101 ½ years young at heart Aunt Jessie Gavin.
  • Bagpiper, Ken MacKenzie, who was on hand at the opening 20 years ago, played for Friendship Choirthe flag raising.
  • Soon to retire, Doris Carney thanked the many volunteers, societies and associations who so generously helped out at the Square. All the while, Director Beverly Rozack, acted as Master of Ceremonies.
  • The Tai Chi group demonstration, complete with Colin Young and his decorative sword were well presented along with the musical interludes of story and song from the Friendship Choir conducted by Daphne Pereira.
  • The Bernadette Short Dancers, who also performed 20 years ago at the Square's opening, were on hand for a quick paced fast step performance. Tony Shorgan was on hand to extend a thank-you to the Directors and everyone who made the event possible.
  • At the same time, St. Richard's Art Group proudly displayed their many works of art in McCormick Hall for all to enjoy.

And so it came to be that 20 years in the making and the 16 months in the planning were celebrated on a brilliant sunny afternoon in June, in the flowering gardens at St. Patrick Square.





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