Active Retirement Community

Our Address

6767 Cote St. Luc Road,
Cote St. Luc., Quebec
H4V 2Z6
Note that the main entrance is on King Edward Ave.

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Island of Montreal 











We are located on Cote St. Luc Road, just west of Cavendish Boulevard on the Island of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. St. Patrick Square encompasses the whole city block from the corner of Montgomery Street to King Edward Avenue. We are within strolling distance of the post office, banks, the Cote St. Luc shopping center and several restaurants. An 18-hole golf course, a curling rink, the Cote St. Luc library and the Cavendish Mall are just ten minutes away.

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Tel: 514-481-9609 Fax: 514-481-0350