About Us

About Us

We are a community of active 55+, autonomous, and young at heart individuals. St. Patrick Square Development Foundation is a non-profit organization whose excellent management services conscientiously maintain and upgrade our dwellings, without relying on any government funding.

If there is one word that best describes St. Patrick Square, it would be “COMMUNITY”. We are fortunate to have an active and involved Board of Directors that operates with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our Directors and Members range in backgrounds from architects to engineers, to accountants. They are all dedicated individuals who generously volunteer their time and have the “Square’s” best interests at heart.

The St. Patrick Square Recreation Association is made up of a select group of tenants who volunteer their time and energy to organize many enthusiastically attended special event activities and dinners in addition to the weekly and monthly activities. A unique community environment brings tenants together with wide-ranging activities, such as special events and outings, theme parties, physical fitness, fun, and artistic endeavors. Artistically minded individuals may consider joining the Art Group; those who enjoy the camaraderie of community singing may join the Choir.


It has always been said “the Irish are dreamers” and one Irishman had the dream of establishing a pre-retirement community for the Irish and those who wished they were.

With seed funds provided by ST. PATRICK’S SOCIETY, one of Montreal’s oldest cultural organizations established on March 17th, 1834, and with the blessing and cooperation of the Federal Government, Joseph Dunne’s dream took its first steps with the ground-breaking ceremony on August 24th, 1977.

St. Patrick Square became a reality when Primer Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau officially opened the Square on March 10th, 1979.

Our Awards

City of Cote Saint Luc Garden Competition

2018/2019/2020/2021/2022 – 1st place from the City of Cote Saint-Luc Flower arrangement in District 3
2010 – 1st Place Elite Category for Senior Residence
2008 – Elite Award for Senior Residence
2007 – Elite Award for Senior Residence
2005 – 1st Place Award for Public Building

Elite Category

2004 – 1st Place Award for Senior Residence
2003 – 2nd Place Award for Senior Residence
2002 – 2nd Place Award for Senior Residence
2001 – Elite Award for Senior Residence
1985 – Most Beautiful Garden in the city

Awarded by Mayor Bernard Lang

Central Mortgage & Housing
2004 recognition of the 25th Anniversary of the successful non-profit Housing Project

Canada Wildlife Federation
Recognized St. Patrick Square’s participation in the Golden Garden Program to commemorate the International Year of the Older Person declared by the United Nations for 1999.